Carved in Stone exhibition full poster

The years between the Civil War and the end of World War I represented the great age of American sculpture. From Neoclassical idealized images of sculpture carved in marble, to the new detailed, dynamic naturalism of the Beaux Arts movement of cast bronze. Even plaster carvings were made in masses for middle-class America to be viewed not in parks or government buildings, but in the parlors and drawing rooms of American homes. These Commemorative works of art, also known as Civic or Public Art, provide a glimpse into artwork of the late 19th century. 

Mr. James McNally, Curator of Art, developed this exhibit and states about the art works: “If there is one thing that you may take away from this exhibition, it is that fine art, such as the sculpture on exhibit here, has a long slow look, and while reviewing these works of art, one on one, we begin to understand the life of Soldiers, the nature of war, and what America fights for. In the end, if you look long enough, you will start to understand the American experience and begin to discover your own humanity. “